Classrooms : 53

Library: A Computerised library equipped with Carrels, book shelves focus lights, Cushion Chairs, Newspaper and magazine stand and a stock of over 3000 books on various subjects of interest for students and staff. A constant endeavour is made to enrich the library with latest books.


Music Room : Air Force School trains its students on use of Musical instruments and integrates music education with the development of motor skills, verbal/nonverbal communication, creativity and problem solving. It introduces students to the rudiments of music i.e. rhythm, melody and harmony, various instruments and their tone colors, music history, composers and musical styles. Students are given opportunity to create music on instruments including Keyboard, Drum, Harmonium and Tablas under the guidance of Music Teacher. Students also perform recitals and concerts during School functions.


Computer Room: The School has well furnished and well equipped with 30 Computer System and a Smartboard with fully Air coditioned room. Computer education is imparted to children from LKG onwards.


Activity Centre:

(a)Museum: A School Museum Comprising of different items of interest to KG section Students have been recently created. It provides facility to Teacher especially in KG Sections to carry the items to Class for better knowledge and recognition by Tiny Tots. Birds, Animals, Means of Transport and Dolls form a part of this museum.

(b) Math’s Lab : In Order to facilitate easy Comprehension of abstract concepts of maths and to transform the impractical subject into an interesting learning experience, the School has created a maths lab with modern aids and equipment. This Lab facilitates verification of maths concepts through activities and brings maths close to life.

(c) Science Room: Projects, working models & Charts prepared by students are displayed in science room.

(d) Painting Room: Painting room aims to provide competence by encouraging the students to develop their creativity and innovativeness. The school has qualified and experienced Art teacher to impart knowledge of art.

(e)Science Lab : A well equipped Science Lab (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) with high quality Science Equipment functions in the School to provide required equipment for Practical needed up to Class X.


Sports Room: The sports program at Air Force School integrates Physical education recreational sports and competitions. Beginning in Primary School, students learn to participate safely and competently in a variety of sports. A health program initiated by Air Head Quarters for all Air Force Schools is implemented in letter and spirit. Senior students are taught cricket, football, basketball, table tennis, badminton apart from track and field events.


Staff Room : The School thas a well furnished wo Staff room with attached washroom  facility staff room with sitting arrangement of twenty teachers in each.t.

Principal’s Room: Principal’s Room is next to the office. Parents may meet the Principal from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM on all working days. Prior appointment is recommended to avoid inconvenience.

Office : School Office remains open during the school hours. It is open during vacation also. Parents can approach the office staff for day to day matters concerning school.

Wash Rooms: The School has 13 washrooms separately for boys and girls.

Thought For the Day : The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. Robert M. Hutchins